Together: a Conference about Cooperation

‘Together’ is the theme for the 13th Annual Conference of the Contemporary and Historical Archaeology in Theory (CHAT) Group, which will be hosted by the University of Sheffield during 30 October – 1 November 2015.


‘Together’ is inspired by Richard Sennett’s book of the same name, in which he examines the sociology of co-operation, and specifically the skills of living and working together.

We envisage this theme emerging through several lines of enquiry:

  • The distinctive perspectives that emerge through the study of how people cooperate and how communities cohere and fragment: for instance, how can we theorise the ‘craft of cooperation’ in ways that account for people’s interactions with landscapes, things and animals?
  • Case studies in the archaeology, history and sociology of cooperation in the present and recent past, and critical analyses of what happens when cooperation breaks down.
  • The communities of practice (e.g. interdisciplinary networks, academics/students, universities/public) that come together in researching and learning about the present and recent past.
  • Models of research that disperse or de-centre expertise and practice: for instance, projects in which participants (e.g. academics, students, community volunteers and professionals) share epistemologies and co-produce research.

We welcome proposals for papers and artefacts (e.g. posters, films and installations) that respond to the conference theme and follow the above or alternative lines of enquiry. Please send proposals (up to 300 words) to no later than 8 May 2015.

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