Symposium 2016

Symposium 2016


3rd Connected Communities Heritage Network Symposium

The 3rd Connected Communities Heritage Network Symposium will be held on 14th and 15th January 2016 at the University of Lincoln, Lincoln.



Symposium Schedule




10.15 Registration Minerva Building Foyer (TBC)


Morning Session EMMTEC Building  MT 0007

10.40 Welcome – N. Higgett and C. Lewis  CCHN Welcome  Video

10.50 Fiona HackneySoundwaves: Community Heritage Activism. Presentation Abstract   Symposium Presentation   Soundwaves: Sinclair – Hackney Audio   Video

11.10 Professor Paul Wells – Loughborough University.
Making It Up As We Go Along: The Future of Animation Archives. Presentation Abstract  Video   

11.30 Richard Fynes – Jain Museum in Leicester. Presentation Abstract   Symposium Presentation   Video

11.50 Q&A

12.00 Philip Riden – University of Nottingham. Waterways history and community history: reconciling the irreconcilable?   Video

12.20 Jenny Wilkinson – De Montfort University. Investigating the impact of mobile apps on the emotional reaction and engagement of visitors to the Cultural Quarter, Leicester. Presentation Abstract   Symposium Presentation   Video

12.40 Q&A

13.00 Lunch – Minerva Building Foyer

13.40 Video showing of the short film Cotton Connections: Untangling the Threads of Slavery, produced by the Nottingham Slave Trade Legacies (screening will take place in MB1009). The film can be viewed at:


Afternoon Session Minerva Building MB1009

14.00 Peter Rumney and Nettie Scriven (Co-director of Dragon Breath Theatre) – Nottingham Trent University.
Workshop: A Crack in Time 2015. Workshop Abstract   Symposium Presentation   Video

15.00 Antonia Liguori – University of Loughborough
Workshop: Storying’ the Cultural Heritage: exploring how to apply Digital Storytelling in Cultural and Heritage Education in the light of 21st Century learning. Workshop Abstract   Video

16.00 Judith Green – St James’ Heritage and Environment Group. West End Stories”: The museum and the community – a case study of co-design and co-production. Presentation Abstract   Symposium Presentation   Video

16.20 Susanne Seymour – University of Nottingham. Making Reparative Historical Geographies: Reconnecting Cotton Textile Production Past and Present. Presentation Abstract   Symposium Presentation   Video

16.40 Q&A and Discussion – Future Directions

17.00 Finish



17.45 Lincoln Tour

19.00 Lincoln Cathedral Tour

20.00 Conference Dinner at the Wig & Mitre Restaurant





Morning Session Minerva Buiding MB0302 Cargill Lecture Theatre

(8.45 Registration for delegates attending Friday only – Minerva Building Foyer)


9.00 Simon Brown – Nottingham City Museums and Galleries. Universal RootsPresentation Abstract   Video

9.20 Nigel Wood – University of Loughborough. Towards a Creative Arts Community in Stratford, East  LondonPresentation Abstract   Video 

9.40 Kimberley Marwood – University of Sheffield. On Shared Ground: Networks and encounters on the margins of community heritage. Presentation Abstract   Video

10.00 Q&A

10.15 Cathy Daly – University of Lincoln. Towards a Sustainable Practice for Managing Climate Change Impacts on Cultural Heritage. Presentation Abstract   Symposium Presentation   Video

10.35 Michael Noble – University of Nottingham. Ramgharia Leicester Ladies’ Sikh Tapestry Project. Presentation Abstract   Symposium Presentation   Video

10.55 Q&A

11.10 Dr Ruchit Purohit – Open University. Empowering Design Practices – learning from the past. Presentation Abstract   Video 

11.30 Dr Neil Ravenscroft – University of Brighton. Re-imagining stories as a means of doing community histories. Presentation Abstract   Symposium Presentation   Video

11.50 Katie Dent – Share Academy. Presentation Abstract   Video

12.10 Tom Pert – Comisiwn Brenhinol Henebion Cymru / Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales. The People’s Collection Wales: Converting Cultural Policy to Community Provision. Presentation Abstract   Video

12.30 Q&A

12.45 Lunch – Minerva Building Foyer


Afternoon Session Minerva Buiding MB0302 Cargill Lecture Theatre

13.40 Dr Chiara Bonacchi – UCL. Digitally Connected Communities: the value of crowd-based collaborations. Presentation Abstract   Symposium Presentation   Video 

14.00 Prof George McKay - AHRC Leadership Fellow Connected Communities. ‘Connected Communities and the future of collaboration’. Symposium Presentation   Video

14.20 Sophie Long, Fiona Byrne, Keith Lilley (“Living Legacies 1914-18″, AHRC WW1 Engagement Centre) – Queens University Belfast. Troubled legacies: commemorative practices and transnational identities in remembering WW1 in (Northern) Ireland. Presentation Abstract   Symposium Presentation   Video

14.40 Claire Sowton – University of Edinburgh. ‘Artcasting: digital and mobile cultural heritage evaluation’. Presentation Abstract   Symposium Presentation   Video

15.00 Q&A

15.15 Vika Nightingale – University of Nottingham. Augmented Reality in Mobile Applications and its Potential for User Engagement. Presentation Abstract   Symposium Presentation   Video

15.35 David Freestone – De Montfort University. The Heritage Lottery Funded Silverstone Heritage Live project. Presentation Abstract   Symposium Presentation   Video

15.55 Leah Warriner-Wood – University of Lincoln. Ongoing impacts: legacies of the ‘Hands on Tapestries’ project. Presentation Abstract   Symposium Presentation   Video

16.15 Jim Cheshire – University of Lincoln. Impact through Architectural Paint Research in the Heritage Sector. Presentation Abstract   Symposium Presentation   Video

16.35 Q&A

16.50 Close


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