‘MUPI Partnerships in Practice’ event – the Potential of Museum University Partnerships


Are you interested in the potential of museum university partnerships?

If so, we encourage you to join us at the ‘MUPI Partnerships in Practice’ event on the 22 March, 2016 at Woburn House, London.
The past ten years have seen profound changes in how universities engage with the public. Driven by increasing pressures to deliver ‘impactful’ research and high quality student experience, museums and art galleries have emerged as natural partners for universities seeking to reach non-academic audiences for their research and engagement activities. Museums too have been seeking to enhance their research capability and to improve their interpretation of collections; to develop new audiences, and to meet the challenges of the current economic climate and decreasing public subsidy. This has encouraged them to seek new partnerships to enhance their work and build their resilience.     
With funding from Arts Council England, the Museum University Partnership Initiative (MUPI) project has provided an opportunity to explore the dynamics of museum university partnerships. The event will be an opportunity to:
·         Find out what we have learnt from our research (including in-depth analysis of REF case studies, a literature review, survey and interviews); our pilot sandpits; and our work with funders.  
·         Reflect on how the system supports small and medium museums to develop mutually beneficial partnerships with universities
·         Improve the potential for effective museum university partnerships in the future 
This event is for policy makers interested in the value of museum university partnerships; museum staff and volunteers keen to develop relationships with universities; university staff and students keen to work with museums; engagement experts keen to facilitate effective partnerships; anyone interested in how museums and universities might work better together.


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