Forgotten Abergavenny – a Facebook Site Covering Heritage

Forgotten Abergavenny was originally started back in September 2013 as part of a community research project run by the Cardiff School of Social Sciences and funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council called: ‘Performing Abergavenny: creating a connected community beyond divisions of class, locality and history’.

After a very short time, Forgotten Abergavenny quickly grew to become a much loved community Facebook page in its own right and when funding ceased in July 2014, it was decided to keep the page going on a voluntary basis.

The website now has followers from over 90 countries and people from across the world submit photos, memories and comments to help make Forgotten Abergavenny one of the most flourishing Facebook accounts connected to South Wales.


To visit the Forgotten Abergavenny’s page, please go to:

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