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We are pleased to launch the second edition of the Ironbridge Institute Postgraduate Journal. Furnace is a newly forged Postgraduate Journal within the Ironbridge International Institute for Cultural Heritage (IIICH), University of Birmingham.


Cultural heritage is an ever expanding and diversifying discipline; sparking debates and discussions surrounding the field.The theme for the second edition of the journal is: ‘Cultural Heritage in a Digital Age’. In today’s Digital Age, digital technology is embedded in all cultural heritage research and engagement. This edition aims to identify through case studies the current framework between Cultural Heritage and Digital Technology.

- Does digital technology include, or exclude?

- How participatory are the current buzzwords of Crowdfunding, Crowdsourcing / User Generated Content or Mobile Technology?

- Has an ethical and critical discourse been developed to accommodate this rapidly developing environment?

These questions begin to deconstruct some of the present issues, surrounding the theme, and make fundamental enquiries about the future of cultural heritage. To view the free open access journal online and download individual articles go to:

Articles include:

  • An exclusive keynote paper by Professor Robert Stone on Virtual and Augmented Reality Technologies within Cultural Heritage based on recent cutting-edge research, as part of the University of Birmingham’s Human Interface Technologies (HIT) Team, School of Electronics, Electrical &Systems Engineering (EESE).
  • An exclusive visioning article from the recently formed ICOMOS UK Digital Technology National Committee.

We have papers from the UK, Australia, Turkey, Italy, Israel and Russia, including:

  • Cultural Heritage in Role-playing VideoGames: A Map of Approaches.
  • The Value of Mobile Phones in Heritage Interpretation.
  • An Assessment of the Digital Preservation of Manuscript Collections: The Experience of Topkapı Palace and İstanbul Archaeology Museums Libraries.
  • 3D #Digital Invasions: A Crowdsourcing Project for Mobile User Generated Content.
  • Performing the Museum in the Age of Digital Reproduction.

This edition on Cultural Heritage in a Digital Age is designed to coincide with the UNESCO Digital Heritage Congress 2015, Grenada, Spain:


The call for papers for our third edition is now out. This will be special themed issue of the journal on the theme of Cultural Heritage in a Transatlantic Age, and will be in collaboration with our partners at CHAMP (Collaborative for Cultural Heritage Management and Policy) at the University of Illinois Urbana -Champaign:


Hope you enjoy!



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