Connected Communities Community Partners Heritage Workshop: Leicester 15 Dec

We would like to invite Community Partners (CPs) from any CC projects with a focus on heritage to attend our CP workshop. As part of the project that Keri Facer and Bryony Enright are working on to understand the CC programme and its legacy we are working in partnership with Nick Higgett from the CC Heritage Network to run a Heritage Community Partner Workshop.

The workshop will be a relaxed and interactive space aimed solely at community partners. We would like to invite people from community organisations that have participated in or worked on Connected Communities projects which have a heritage theme to join us for the day on the 15th December.

The aim of the day is to explore the legacy of their CC project and what this legacy means to them. We are keen to hear about if/how their project has changed things in their community (for better or worse). This will be an open exploration of their CC project and what difference it made to them.

We would like encourage a diverse group of people to attend and we have capacity for 30-40 community partners. Do you have any suggestions for community partners that we should invite? Ideally we would like to attract people from diverse cultural backgrounds, young people (who are often under represented at CC heritage events) and community partners who may not have participated in external CC events previously. We hope that this will bring a variety of voices and experiences and help us think about different types of legacies.

Attendees will get the opportunity to meet other community partners and hear their stories and share tips for future collaboration. This will also be an opportunity to inform the CC programme and future models and areas of funding as well as informing the future of the Heritage Network and the resources it provides. The day will be facilitated by an independent professional facilitator.


Details of the Heritage Community Partner workshop are below:
· Location: Y Theatre, Leicester
· Date: 15th December 2014
· All travel and accommodation covered
· Honorarium payment: £170 (available to all community partners)
· Timings: 11- 5pm (roughly)


To book a place please contact Nick Higgett at

Please, feel free to email individuals from community organisations that you think would benefit from the event or would like to come, and ask them to get in touch with us, or let us know their details and we can get in touch with them.

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