Come and Explore with Us

The Starting from Values Legacy Project is hosting its final ‘iterative reflection’ as a public event, which will include an open space for sharing insights about legacies of Connected Communities from and beyond our legacy project.

Thursday 26th February 2015

London (venue TBC)

10:30 to 17:00

Sharing space, installations and workshops from 12:30-16:30


Call for contributions

Do you have an evaluation report that you have multiple copies of and would like to leave on our shelves instead?

Any piles of boxes under your desk you’d like to put to good use? Or just copies to spare?

If so, please get in touch (see contact details below)


We are also inviting other Connected Communities projects – Legacy Projects in particular – to contribute to our sharing space, at whatever stage your project is in.


Contact and further information

More about the Starting from Values project:


Any questions, offers or queries please contact Elona Hoover Email:, tel: 01273 644707

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